George Bergeles, Ph. D., D. Sc. (Eng), F. I. Mech. Eng. U.K.

Dipl. Mechanical & Electrical Engineer NTUA

Professor NTUA

Honorary Visiting Professor City University London, U.K.

School of Mechanical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens

Heroon Polytechniou 7

15710 Zografos

Research/Professional Activities

  1. -Renewable energy sources - Wind energy

  2. -Atmospheric pollution - Pollutant dispersion

  3. -Coal combustion technologies - boilers

  4. -Pollution control technologies in power stations - Electrostatic precipitators

  5. -Two phase flows

  6. -Fuel cells

  7. -Internal combustion engines

  8. -Energy matters - Green house emissions

  9. -Mathematical models of turbulence

  10. -Finite Volume-differences methods

Other Activities

  1. -Founding member and member in the board of management of the Public University of Ag. Paraskevi

  2. -Ex. President of the Central Committee of Energy Investments of Ministry of Development

  3. -Member of the advisory board of three international Journals

  4. -Member of the advisory board of the Turbulent Shear Flow conference series

  5. -Ex. Member, Council of National Energy Strategy

  6. -Ex. Member of National Committee for Research and Development


  1. -Panhellenic distinction in Mathematics by the Greek Mathematical Society (1963)

  2. -Scholarship by the Greek Scholarship Foundation (1964-1968)

  3. -Research Assistant, Imperial College (1973-1976)

  4. -Eisenhower Fellow for Greece (1983)

  5. -Doctor of Science in Engineering (D. Sc. (Eng)) (1994), London University

  6. -Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (1999), U.K.

  7. -Member N.Y. Academy of Sciences

  8. -Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation

  9. -Award by the Greek society of writers (1996)

  10. -Award by the Army Technical Corps (1998)

  11. -Innovation patent (2001)

  12. -Visiting Professor Kings College London (2002-2006)

  13. -Honorary Visiting Professor, City University, London (2006-)

Publications/Citations [google profile]

  1. -80 publications in international journals

  2. -100 papers in international conferences with proceedings

  3. -100 papers in Greek conferences with proceedings

  4. -8 books in Greek

  5. -Chapter on Fluid Mechanics in the UNESCO/EOLSS encyclopedia of Mechanics

  6. -2 books in English of proceedings of international conferences (editor)

  7. -Instructor of 22 Ph.D. thesis (completed)

  8. -A great number of technical reports on professional matters (consultant services)

  9. -1160 citations in Google Scholar

  10. -H-index 20 in Google Scholar